Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rush Limbaugh and his Anal Fixation

If you were to go to Google and enter the search term "anal poisoning" as I just did, it would return 587,000 hits in 0.82 seconds. To be honest, I did not check every single citation, however, I did a scan through many pages to the end of the list. Every time anal and poisoning were side by side (you know how Google will return results where the 2 search terms appear close together), the reference always includes Rush Limbaugh.

Interestingly, Rush was able to avoid Vietnam because of an anal cyst. He frequently references the risk of anal poisoning, suggesting Senator Lindsey Graham was at risk by associating with John McCain, that past DNC Chair Terry McCauliff was in danger of catching it because of his closeness to Hillary Clinton, and more recently, that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, by -- I don't know, kissing Obama's ass? -- was also at risk. More interestingly, there really is no such thing as anal poisoning per se.

Other favorite phrases Rush uses include calling people -- including women -- "butt boy," or if they do something right, saying they have avoided becoming a "butt boy," and frequently refers to women by their posterior view. Grabbing ones ankles is seen as the natural capitulation to someone else's ideas in Rushworld and that supporting someone -- especially an African-American -- means you have bent over and grabbed your ankles. He frequently states that he is afraid to bend over, especially in New York City, and along with his coining the term "Feminazi," he enjoys (too much) stories about anal rape. During one show, he played segments of victim testimony from a trial about an anal rape, and laughed, as he said "I'm trying not to laugh..."

What a guy. This week when he "resigned" as the titular head of the Republican Party, he had just realized that Michael Steele and Dick Cheney were getting a little too much attention this past week. You don't really think he was stepping down, do you? Yesterday, he demanded that MSNBC not say his name or show video of him for 30 days -- that they try to maintain their ratings without him -- somehow believing that he gets to call the shots, that he was that important to their ratings. He has been successful in forcing Republican legislators to back down and retract negative statements about him, but somehow doesn't seem to understand that his vicious and malicious comments are news, but not in the way that he wants. He demands purity in the Republican Party and tells Colin Powell and John McCain to leave, yet ignores the fact that with 20% membership and falling, the party of Rush is becoming a marginalized fringe group.

This man is a gift to President Obama and the Democratic Party. Every positive move that the Republican leadership makes to repudiate him and move the party forward is immediately retracted as soon as Rush gets on the air and demands it -- stating that whomever is at risk of anal poisoning, that they have bent over and grabbed their ankles in service to the Democrats. What is astonishing, is that they do. Immediately.

Can't they see the theme here? Rush clearly has a fixation on all things anal. In psychology, Freud would have had a field day with him. The progression through the various stages of life is important to understanding the human psyche. We have typically moved beyond the anal stage by the age of 2 or 3 and it is directly related to psychosexual development. Although Freud is now considered passe, his theories of development do inform our understanding of the processes of development. The fact that Rush appears obsessed by race, women, sex, and all things anal combined with his need to be the center of attention suggest someone with some serious issues, which should concern the leadership of the Republican Party if this is the man who is setting their agenda. Personally, I find him mean-spirited and somewhat sad, and an on-going gift to the Democratic agenda.

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