Monday, May 11, 2009

Cheney: "I'd Have to See" (Being Above the Law and All)

I took the weekend off for mother's day (hope yours was great!) and just had a chance to watch Cheney's performance on yesterday's Face the Nation. What a guy. Rush Limbaugh, in the Christian Science Monitor pays Cheney back for his shout out (Cheney said that he preferred Rush over former colleague Colin Powell since Powell voted for Obama) by saying of the interview, here:

"He doesn’t need the money,” Limbaugh said. “He has no further political ambitions. He is not hot for interns. He is not a torture freak. He knows that he is toxic and despised by the drive-by media and the Democrat party and the left in this country.

“What motivation does Dick Cheney have to go out and say these things?” he asked. “Is it possible that Dick Cheney is motivated by national interest? Is it possible that Dick Cheney is motivated by love of and for his country? Is it possible that Dick Cheney is speaking from his heart and is not speaking politically?”
No Rush. Cheney is motivated by fear. Fear drove him for the past 8 years, and fear is driving him now. A different kind of fear, but fear nevertheless. Then, it was fear that al Qaeda would get him, and now, it's fear that his crimes will out.

Cheney continues to bash Obama's release of the OLC torture memos, ending the use of 'enhanced interrogation' techniques, and adds to previous complaints by adding that cooperating with foreign governments' prosecution of Bush administration officials who worked with us to operate these programs add to "...that whole complex of things that I find disturbing..."

Cheney complains at length and quite vehemently that if the debate is going to occur, the entire constellation of information must be debated. He states that, "... 6 weeks ago I requested 2 memos written by the CIA that lay out the successes of those policies ... they [the Obama administration] have no qualms putting things out that can be used to be critical of Bush policies ..." but not things that will be supportive of their side. Two whole memos. Wow. Out of 7 years and how many reams and reams of paper? Two. We all know the government. Everything in triplicate. They live on paper, and Cheney can remember two whole memos to support his belief that 'enhanced interrogation' techniques saved us from further terrorist attacks. Okay.

When asked if he truly believes that we are more vulnerable now without these programs, that so many others say that it isn't true, he says, in effect, that if we don't use these programs, then we're willing to sacrifice American lives rather than run an effective interrogation program.

Excuse me? Exactly how many American (and Iraqi and Afghani and Pakistani not to mention all of our allied nation's citizens) lives have already been sacrificed?

Cheney is asked if he has any regrets. He says that on Jan 20, 2001 when he took the oath of office and said that "we're going to protect and defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, this was exactly what was needed to be done."

I've heard him say this part several times. "Protect and defend the United States." The only problem? That isn't the oath that he took. It isn't the oath that President Bush took. They promised to protect and defend the Constitution. Instead, they raped it.

When asked if he would talk to Senator Leahy's committee, he said yes. When told that Senator Leahy expected him to appear under oath, Cheney said, "Well,I'd have to see what the circumstances are and what kind of precedent that we'd be setting."

And doesn't that just say it all? "I'd have to see." And that's what he and Bush did for 8 years. They cherry-picked our Constitution. Two frightened little boys who had done everything they could to avoid Vietnam and who came close to being attacked on 9/11 and were terrified that they might be again. Two little boys who had all these big boy toys. I bet that they were both bullies when they were little. They had no idea that the Democrats would win the White House and Congress and let loose their secrets.

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