Monday, May 18, 2009

The Continuing Serial Stupidity of the Republican Party

Where does the Republican Party find these people? The Minority Leader (Boehner R-OH) in the Washington Post now says that Speaker Pelosi should provide proof that the CIA lied to her or apologize. Hello?!?!

How about the CIA provide proof that they did in fact brief Speaker Pelosi and Senator Graham (D-FL) when and how they say they did? The CIA has already admitted that they were 'mistaken' about 3 of the 4 briefings they claim to have given Graham about 'enhanced interrogation' practices which you can read about here. Why is it so difficult to believe they are mistaken about Speaker Pelosi? She has asked that CIA produce the briefings to support their claim.

Boehner says that lying to Congress is a crime, so of course CIA would never do that and if Pelosi is going to say that they did, then she should produce her evidence so that the Justice Department can proceed with prosecutions. Uh huh.

Let's see. CIA refuses to release briefing notes. Republicans campaigning - hard - to stop any investigation into enhanced interrogation practices; who set up the program, when, how, and what was discovered through these procedures. But, they are also demanding that President Obama continue unquestioned the intelligence policies and programs established during the Bush Administration.

Speaker Pelosi is asking for release of the CIA briefing notes. As is Senator Graham. Speaker Pelosi is suggesting a Truth Commission. Speaker Pelosi is supportive of Senator Leahy's investigations into the truth of what happened during these 'enhanced interrogation' programs.

Hmmm. Difficult decision. One asking for investigation, the other for continued stonewalling, but hey, by the way, lying to Congress is a crime so you better say you're sorry. Again, another incidence of the serial stupidity of the Republican Party.

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