Friday, May 8, 2009

Another GOP Serial Idiocy

This is obscene. Every time I think the GOP can't sink any lower, they sink lower.

There are conflicting opinions about whether or not viewing violent images can cause trauma, but there is some evidence that the repeated viewing of the attacks on the towers on 9/11 resulted in traumatic stress reactions in some people. Persons personally affected by the attacks may be offended by the following video. Persons with post traumatic stress disorder - whether from 9/11 or not - may react negatively to images of violence depicted. As a counselor then, I ask you to watch with caution.

The use of dramatic music coupled with violent memories (the attacks of 9/11) interspersed with battle images are designed to manipulate the emotions of the viewer. We have barely passed 100 days of the Obama administration. The GOP cannot accept the fact that they lost the election. They cannot accept the fact that the people of this country no longer want to follow the policies of the Republican party - in fact, they want to follow the promises President Obama made while campaigning, one of which was to close Guantanamo. The GOP, in desperation, are using terrorist tactics because President Obama wants to close Guantanamo.

Their newest scare tactic is to say that the men imprisoned at Guantanamo are so bad, that if we close Guantanamo and bring them to the U.S., we will be at risk of, what? They don't really say. They just play scary music and show us images of the attacks of 9/11 and soldiers in combat.

Using fear tactics with this video, they are saying that the country that has Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, Charles Dahmer in custody, and jailed Ted Bundy and numerous other serial killers, somehow can't contain the members of Al Queda responsible for 9/11. Even more ludicrous, is the fact several of the people held in Guantanamo are probably not guilty of anything, and that many of the ones released have become terrorists because of what happened to them at Guantanamo.

Terrorism is fear. Fear comes in many forms, and terrorism is usually thought of as creating prolonged fear. It is usually defined as violent and often political, although local statutes often use terror to define criminal acts that might not be considered terrorism elsewhere. What the GOP is doing with this ad and their campaign is to frighten Americans to pressure President Obama to keep Guantanamo open. The are trying to associate the perpetrators of Al Queda with Guantanamo, and the necessity of keeping the prison open with our national safety. That if he closed the prison, that these terrorists will attack us, which is a disingenuous and pathetic argument made by little men who cannot accept the fact that they lost an election and that their part has shrunk to 21% of the American people.

They are hoping that if they frighten us enough, that we will turn to the GOP to save us. Why they think this might work when after 7 years since 9/11 we are less safe then before, Osama Bin Laden is still at large, Al Queda has virtually taken over Pakistan (and its nuclear weapons), and Bush's torture program actually served as an excellent recruitment tool for Al Queda, I can't fathom. I understand planning a comeback for the next election, but this is way, way over the top.

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