Friday, May 29, 2009

Pull Back on Sotomayor?

A little disappointed that the White House is pulling back slightly on Sotomayor. Still supporting her, but responding the the noise on her 2001 comments regarding Latina women. Even though Obama in a conversation with Brian Williams explained the context and appropriately explained what she was trying to say - that the richness of her experiences as a Latina woman would help her as she makes her decisions - he still said that she could have said it better. Gibbs (White House Press Secretary) said today that she made a poor word choice according to people he had spoken to.

What's up with that? Why are they pandering to the establishment media and the right wing? They don't need to. They have the votes, and so what if there's noise? Can't they handle a little flack? All it does when they cave is tell the right that they will. Obviously Michelle is in charge of disciplining the two girls as Obama apparently has difficulty standing firm. He has taught the Republican leadership and the talking heads that if they talk loud enough and with enough disapproval, he'll throw them a bone.

Obama sure chooses some strange battles to stand and fight and stranger still to throw in the towel. Not that he's throwing in the towel on Sotomayor, I'm just suggesting that there was no need to agree with the right-wing noise machine about anything Sotomayor. To do so at all diminishes her before she even begins, diminishes him, and encourages the Rush's, Hannity's, and the rest who are out for any Democratic blood they can find.

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