Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update. It's Not Looting. It's Survival.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Thanks to BagNewsNotes for this post which speaks to the issue of looting vs. survival a lot better than my earlier post.
Several recent newscasts and newspaper articles have noted how many tent-cities have sprung up and how the Haitians have such a calm and civil society. Many have commented on how patiently they have waited for help--many speaking in wonder at how long the people waited for aid to arrive without resorting to violence in the streets and when violence occurred, how minimal it was. There has been much said at the orderly construction of these tent-cities and the industry of the Haitian people as they create order out of disaster--even though the problem of looting still exists they say.

Exactly where do they think the materials for these tent cities came from? Again people. It is not looting. It is survival.
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  1. Be careful with this one Kyra. It depends a lot on what they are busy looting. If it's materials to build a shelter or something they need to survive such as food or clothing then I would agree with you. If somebody is seen looting things to sell then that would cross the line IMO. Walking out with a television set is not something I would like to see but we have seen that happening. In any case I'm more concerned with greedy merchants who are selling essentials to the people at near ten times the price.