Friday, January 8, 2010

Bob Cesca's Terrorist Attacks and Presidents

With all the chatter this week about the desire by some to return to the "good old days" of the Bush Administration when there were no terrorist attacks (!?!), Bob Cesca has compiled an excellent set of graphs showing the number of terrorist attacks, fatalities from those attacks, during the terms of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. The criteria that he used when gathering data was:

  • Domestic (Abortion clinic attacks, Oklahoma City, Unabomber, Anthrax)
  • Domestic Islamic (9/11, WTC 1993, Beltway Snipers)
  • Overseas Islamic (Iraq, Afghanistan, USS Cole, Embassy Bombings)
  • Known Failed Attempts (Shoe Bomber, Underpants Bomber)
  • Overseas Attacks Against U.S. Allies (London, Madrid).

Realizing that these graphs include numbers for two presidents who both held office for two terms, while Obama has been in office for only one year, this final graph is of Presidents Clinton and Bush only. He also removed data for domestic attacks for abortion, failed attacks, and those that occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So. What was that you were saying about being safer during the Bush Administration? For a more thorough explanation of these graphs and numbers, go here.

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