Friday, January 29, 2010

Senator Judd Gregg - Bully. And Now by Executive Order on Fiscal Commission.

This is the man who proposed the Fiscal Commission that President Obama has signed an Executive Order to establish after the Senate blocked a bill that would have created it. A more dishonest and offensive man would be difficult to find, and that's saying something for Congress.

From Crooks and Liars.

A portion of the transcript:

Contessa Brewer: So my partner Melissa, Senator Greg, is really asking for specifics. If you don't believe that we should have a 1.3 trillion dollar budget, which programs are you willing to cut. Are you willing to tell schools, no money for you? And do you side then with those who say, when you look back at the great depression, economists say that we landed back into real problems in 1937 when people got onto cutting the deficit and a lot of government spending was pulled back before it should have been?

Gregg: Well first off, nobody is saying no money for schools. What an absurd statement to make. What a dishonest statement to make. On its face you are being fundamentally dishonest when you make that type of statement.

Brewer: We're just asking which programs you would cut

Francis: tell us what to cut...


Brewer: Senator, you're going to be asked to cut certain programs if you're on the Senate banking committee. Which programs would you want to cut?

Gregg: Oh I have no problems telling you. I would freeze discretionary spending. A real freeze, not a freeze plus inflation. I would eliminate the TARP money which would get us close to 400 billion dollars. I would end the stimulus spending effective in June of this year, if not sooner, so we can recover all the money that's going to be spent outside the window of this recession and we shouldn't be spending it adding it to the debt. I would take a major effort to try to reform our entitlement programs. In fact we had a major vote yesterday to try to do that under a bill which I've proposed with Senator Conrad.

So I've made some very specific proposals and I'm willing to stand by them. The problem is that this administration's view of governance is that economic prosperity is created by growing the government dramatically and then it gets misrepresented by people like yourself who are saying that if you do any of this stuff you are going to end up not funding education. That statement alone is the most irresponsible statement I've heard probably in a month.

Brewer: it wasn't a statement, it was a question...

Gregg: And there are a lot of irresponsible statements made by reporters and that was the most irresponsible I've heard.

Francis: Senator, with respect, that's not what she said, she was asking you what you would like to cut ..

Gregg: That's exactly what she said! Go back and read your transcript.

Brewer: thank you for your time, Senator ...

Gregg: You can't be duplicitous about this! You can't make a representation and then claim you didn't make it. You've got to have some integrity on your side of this camera too.

Francis: She asked you what you would like to cut, she asked you if you would cut schools. You said no.

Gregg: You're suggesting we should have a zero in education. Well of course, nobody's suggesting that. Nobody's even implying that. But in your introduction to me you said that. That education funding would be cut. Well, education funding isn't going to be cut.

Brewer: Well Senator, I'm sorry for any communication problems that we've had, but as always, we appreciate your time ...

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  1. Well it's true that Americans believe that government is incapable of doing anything better than private enterprises can. And it's true that Americans believe that small government is better than big government. And both are wrong.

    IN British Columbia, Canada car insurance got to be so expensive and inefficient in serving the people that the provincial government took it over and created ICBC. From that point on our car insurance has been a leader in the world for cost effectiveness and efficient operation that serves the people. Private insurance is now allowed to compete but they can't.

    And of course you are aware of our healthcare. Private for profit healthcare cannot come close to competing and our system has become so near and dear to the people that the mere mention of a US style system raises shouts of protest. Witness how Palin was cancelled out of her intended speech in Alberta when she mentioned that Canada needed some US style free enterprise in it's healthcare system. LOL

    There are other examples in Canada of government run successes, and not to mention that the leading countries in the world have large government involvement in the smooth working of those countries. Americans' mindset on what government is and what it's supposed to be must sooner or later be changed. Universal healthcare run by the government could alone bring your country out of debt in time and that's been stated by Obama himself. He needs to become much more forceful but he needs to have sympathetic ears of the American people. At the moment their heads are not in that space. A reeducation is required but it doesn't appear that can happen until your country hits rock bottom. And that could be a point of no return.

    Thanks for the opportunity of expressing myself on your blog. Perhaps it will revive interest in this blog and start something happening. You appear to have the basic intelligence to lead in that direction.


    Here's something for you to read Kyra. It may explain in a small way what the attraction is to Palin. Besides her beauty which just slays the men with little brains.