Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frum on Beck-Palin Conversation

David Frum,  made a very important observation regarding the hour-long love-fest between Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin yesterday. [emphasis added]

"Republicans used to be the daddy party – the party of responsibility, of rules, of the hard truths of life. Yet these two pre-eminently visible spokespersons for conservatism and Republicanism talked for a full hour about their … feelings. They talked about trust and betrayal, they talked about wounds and hurt, they talked about spirituality and even relationships. But they pronounced scarcely a word about any external reality: war, recession, the long-term prospects for the country. It was like a scene from a Marin County fern bar in 1977."

Neo-populism on the right not only has the appearance of ignorance, it is ignorant. In the past, populists tried only to appear unintelligent to their followers but were actually quite well-educated and intelligent. Today? It is all in God's hands. Intelligence is a flaw.

Truly frightening.

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