Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State Of The Union Speech

A little something for everyone. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. My first impressions.
  • No handouts for the Republicans to wave (or many Blackberries)
  • Recognition that he could have done better on some things (Bush still doesn't think he made any mistakes)
  • Frequent references to inheriting the deficit, two wars, an economy in shambles
  • Reminded everyone that TARP was a Bush program
  • He (finally) listed his accomplishments in a meaningful way
  • Calling out the Republicans for their obstructionism, name-calling, and other tactics
  • Calling out the pundits for focusing on negative trivia rather than issues
  • Calling out the Democrats for giving up when they lost Massachusetts reminding them that we still have one of the largest majorities in history)
  • Promise to repeal DADT (loved the looks on the faces of the generals)
  • Calling on Congress to enact legislation reigning in the banks and lobbyists
  • Criticizing the Supremes for their decision on Citizen's United (what was up with Alito? very inappropriate to comment like that, saying "not true" during the speech)
  • Calling for a spending freeze - bad idea (basic economics say to avert a depression takes government infusions of cash, not trying to pay down the deficit, just think Hoover) plus, why protect defense? we are supposedly drawing down on two wars - why is that line item sacrosanct?
  • Seating arrangements (Nelson & Lieberman, what a pairing)
  • Real emotion, finally
  • Needs to give up his quest for bipartisanship - just is not going to happen and he is alone in wanting it
  • And the Republican response. How many times did he say "All Americans ..."  I think he prefaced every remark with that phrase - really tiresome
More thoughts to come
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  1. After all the commotion caused lately by Obama showing some indication of finally playing hardball with the Repubs, I was looking for some indication that he was ready to show some real commitment to his agenda. I think that indication was there in a few ways. The smackdown of Alito in public was huge and quite unprecedented, and obviously richly deserved. If many Repubs themselves weren't convinced that it was a bad ruling they would be making mincemeat of Obama for it. But aside from that, it was clear to me that war had been declared. In no other SOTU have so many sat on their hands completely and for so many ovations from the other side. Truly, the best hope now for the American people, and for America, is that he uses his 3 remaining years and his large party majority to do what is necessary to be done. As many have mentioned, if there is no healthcare reform then Obama is toast. I think it requires that at the very least and probably much more reform to get the Dem party through the coming election without being slaughtered by the Repubs. As for Obama himself, he needs to do what he knows is right for your country and forget his own popularity. I don't think he stands a chance of a second term.