Monday, March 1, 2010

Hazmat Crews Called to IRS Office in Utah - Unknown Substance Found

Hazmat crews are removing people, by stretcher from the IRS Office in Weber County, Utah. Details can be found here. Wonder how long before the right will be claiming that these (most likely seasonal contract) workers deserved this.


  1. Any idea why the right would start saying that Kyra? I mean, the whole bunch of the fuckers are crazy but why would they make that claim?

    Sometimes I wonder if you are mentally unbalanced when you make such silly suggestions.

    You're supposed to be a sociologist Kyra; try to control yourself and maintain some credibility.


  2. Well, they have.

    And why are you here, anyway? What's it too you?

  3. @SG First you ask why the right would start saying that. Then you answer your question by stating the "whole bunch of the fuckers are crazy. . ." In doing so, you have confirmed Kyra's assertion.

    So why don't you try to maintain a sense of logic and by doing so maintain your own sense of credibility.

  4. Morning coffee, You're not applying logic when you said that. First of all, saying that they're all crazy, which I did, is not to be taken literally. To try to do that is just raising a disingenuous talking point. When Kyra suggests that seasonal workers deserved the above, I'm begging the question of whether or not she expects us to take that literally. The implication is there but we both know that it's a false statement that a sane person won't take literally. I'm simply holding Kyra's feet to the fire in the same way that I have challenged her to back up her claims of Palin being a psychotic. I've challenged Joe Christmas too who claims to be a professional but he also runs for cover.

    Sure, Kyra may have something, but so far she has failed to provide any evidence for her claim, other than the ridiculous notion that ........ well whatever it was as evidence? It's so unimportant and ridiculous that I've forgotten now. Perhaps Kyra's supporters will remember?

    Straight Goods.