Sunday, March 21, 2010

And We Have A Bill!

I have been listening to C-Span all afternoon and we are in the  middle of the second of three votes. Rep. Stupak slightly redeemed himself with his passionate defense of the Democratic position as he spoke against the Republicans motion on the abortion language which President Obama resolved in his Executive Order. Stupak rightly saw this as just another delay. I'm fairly angry at Obama who is moving very far to the right from his campaign and previous positions with this executive order, but I understand why he did it.

I am fascinated by the comments I am hearing on the call-in line. Most of the callers on the "against" line are either 1) students who have insurance or 2) adults who also have insurance. The reasons against appear to fall under the headings of being a) unconstitutional, b) a loss of freedom, or 3) too expensive. A common thread seems to be "why don't we wait until we have resolved unemployment and the deficit?" Another common meme is "if people who don't have insurance would just get a job..."


I believe absolutely that people are entitled to their opinion. But I have no use for people who hold on to an opinion that is not supported by fact. Of course, I have also spent the past two days listening to the Republicans in the House stand on the floor and speak of the abortions that will be funded with federal funds if this bill passes (not true), and all the other horrors that will happen which they know full well are not true. I watched Virginia Foxx of North Carolina get so incensed at something a Democrat was saying that she just  jumped right in and started talking right over them while they were speaking - on the floor of the House. Not only is this woman an ignorant bigot, she's also rude.
People have been informed numerous times that without some kind of health insurance reform, our economy will not only remain stagnant, it will get worse. Jobs will continue to be lost, employers will continue to move their companies overseas, and the cost of health insurance will go up. So yeah, get a job. Right.

Well. Reconciliation just passed to cheers and reports of hugs and cheers at the White House. Yay!

Lots of work ahead yet. Don't let up and don't let those Blue Dogs think they're home free. November is coming quickly and this reform is only a foundation, and a very weak one at that.

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