Monday, November 16, 2009

Sarah Palin on Oprah - Still a Beauty Queen, Not a Politician

Watching Sarah Palin on Oprah. It's too bad that Oprah isn't asking any difficult questions. Early on, Oprah did call her out when she repeats an ongoing lie, repeated in her book that during the campaign Obama said children were off limits and was obeyed, but her children were trashed. Oprah did point out that Obama was referring to Palin's children when he made that comment, something that Palin was clearly unhappy with. I would add, however, that not once did Obama use his children in his campaign. he did not haul them around on his campaign busses or planes, they didn't line up behind him on any stages, and the only time we really saw the Obama children, was when he made his acceptance speech. When you use your children as campaign props, you make them fair game.

But back to the Oprah show, there were no more difficult questions, or questions that were not expected however much Sarah Palin did not want to answer them. Palin was tightly wound with her voice rising in pitch throughout until you could see her visibly take a breath and the pitch drop. Several times, you could see her gulp a couple of times before answering--a sure sign of severe nerves--the most significant time being when asked about the Katie Couric interview.

One of the most striking things to me was at the very end when Oprah was trying to understand why she quit as governor, and Palin mentioned that she could accomplish more without the title. Not the office, but the title. When I watch something like this, my training kicks in and I pay as much attention to the tone of voice and what is not being said as to the words. After observing Sarah Palin over the past year, it's pretty clear that she's never quit being a beauty queen.

She talked today about her "team," meaning the vice president's campaign team, not ever having the script so was off message. Typical of blaming everyone else and being unable to accept any responsibility. I never heard her accept any of the responsibility for the loss of the election, ever. It is clear that this woman has the mindset of a beauty queen. She needs someone to write her script for her and that being governor, or vice president or president is a title, not an office. It is doubtful that even while holding elective office that she ever understood that beauty queens cut ribbons and look pretty, politicians hold office and do actual work. 

She made it clear that she is planning a run for the presidency in 2012. Sarah? Please, please do.

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  1. I've mentioned elsewhere that, because this book's main purpose seems (I haven't read more than snips yet, so "seems") seems to be trashing her former teammates, I'm thinking that her ability to recruit quality folk to help her in the future -- folk with the desire and ability to get her to keep her trap shut; ie not Meg Stapleton -- is gonna be kinda small. Unless they think they can use her to scam a quick buck, or control her when they get her back in office.

    And I'm thinking the "controlling her" bit is solely in the hands of whatever snakehandlers she surrounds herself with -- or whatever coalition of snakehandlers and powerbrokers might form.

  2. While I'm disappointed that Oprah didn't ask any real tough questions (or follow up), it's not a huge surprise. As for Sarah... well, the phrase "nails on a blackboard" comes to mind!

  3. As a beauty queen, I think she expects to be handled and needs that script. The problem is that she thinks a little bit of knowledge then is all she needs to be an expert and so breaks free from them.

    Oprah could have done a lot with the interview, but probably had a lot of constraints just to get her, although why is beyond me and yeah, I like the blackboard analogy

  4. Palin does seem to have a cognitive disorder, eh? And Oprah missed a great opportunity to show the audience what a messy fraud Palin is as a potential candidate. Oprah never calls her out on the constant blame hurled at those not on "the team," ie, those who are part of the presidential nominee's team. Palin apparently still believes that the election was about her rather than the top of the ticket.

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  5. Post your pic, are you a hog or a beauty queen? Palin has more Balls than Barack will ever have!