Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Love Alan Grayson Too, But ...

AKMuckraker (Mudflats) just tweeted that she loves Alan Grayson, linking to this. I am one of Rep. Grayson's biggest fans, but I wish he had waited a few days before doing his money bomb.

On Monday, almost evey progressive website had a link to Alan Grayson's Money Bomb hosted by Down With Tyranny. In addition to Grayson's appeal, the DNCC has been blasting everyone's inbox since the Finance Committee passed their healthcare bill, asking for money for 2010.

The problem? The Money Bomb was on Monday, Nov. 2. Tuesday was election day. Granted, there were only two national congressional races (both won by Democrats incidentally), but Question 1 in Maine lost by a hair. It is an issue that, supposedly, had Democratic support. But by blasting everyone's inboxes with requests for money races that were decided in 2009 that needed last minute help didn't have a chance of getting noticed.

Plus, shouldn't the DNCC get through one election before they start raising funds for the next? Couldn't the Money Bomb have been done on Wednesday or Thursday? I know the vote is likely to be this Saturday, but that's what a bomb is for - to get something done literally overnight.

Just a thought.

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