Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Umm Sarah Palin - Media Priorities Not Bizarre. You Are

This from Sarah Palin's Facebook page (h/t Palingates) emphasis added. This is bizarre.

"Media's Priorities Shine Bright, Again! :)"
Today at 1:40pm

"It’s really comical at this point! Despite all of the important events happening in the world today – the president’s speech tonight on the strategy in Afghanistan, the Senate debate over health care reform, the disturbing details of the “Climategate” scandal, the continuing challenges facing the world economy – the media is concerned about my travel and lodging arrangements on my book tour?! Does this sound familiar? It should. The media showed the same out-of-proportion obsession with my personal arrangements, clothes, and hairstyles last year instead of focusing on the crucial issues involving the election."

"So what is this news “story”? That I fly on an airplane to complete some of the stops on my book tour when it’s impractical or physically impossible to reach the next event on time by bus. Some news outlets are behaving as if my travel was a secret that they didn’t know about – despite the fact that I’ve tweeted about my flights and at least one local newspaper reported on the arrival of my flight into Rochester, NY. [...]"

"If you’re scratching your head wondering why my flight and hotel logistics warrant news coverage, join the club. They can, of course, report on whatever they like, but in my opinion CBS loses whatever professional integrity it still has when it links in its report to a website devoted to the bizarre conspiracy theory that I’m not the real mother of my son Trig."


-Sarah Palin"

Does she ever go back and read what she's written? Watch herself on TV? Listen to family and aides who might critique her performances and offer suggestions for future events? Body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc.? These are all things that people in the public eye - especially politicians - do to ensure that they make the best impression possible. Clearly, Ms. Palin sees no reason to fine tune herself as I see no change since she first burst upon the national stage.

Did you catch her comment (I bolded it) about "when it's impractical or physically impossible to reach the next event by bus"? Granted, I am not watching the tour on an event by event basis, but my impression, is that she gets off the bus, waves, makes a few remarks, then sits down and starts signing. When has it been reported that she does not get off the bus at one of her stops? We all know about the Franklin Graham loan to visit Billy, but routinely, part of her schtick is stepping off the bus. So, that comments is clearly disingenuous and makes no sense.

Yes Sarah, the media is concerned about all of the above issues you mention not because they are not concerned about the other issues, including Afghanistan and President Obama's speech, but because you appear to have some relevance to the Republican Party plans for the future, other Republicans seem to value (why escapes me) your support, and you don't look like you are going away. So, these issues become important because they speak to ethics, integrity, values, and, you know, whether or not people should or should not trust you in elected office. It sort of speaks to your priorities. Personal comfort and appearances, or others. Think of two hands, palms up, weighing something, true, false. That is why the media focuses on those irrelevant little things like clothes ($150,000 in campaign funds on clothing, $20,000 in children's travel you had to retroactively change disclosure forms to 'fix'...) because they tell us more about you than what you say at a podium when you mouth words someone else has written for you.

Oh, and as far as relevant in relation to all the important events happening in the world like President Obama's speech? Don't worry, the people that matter are attending to those issues, his speech, the wars, the economy, legislation, etc. Your continued attempts to place yourself on an equal plane are somewhat humorous, as if your advice to him, or Hillary could ever be considered as anything but laughable from someone who doesn't even know what the Bush Doctrine is (extremely relevant to Obama's speech last night by the way).

And CBS's integrity? Why is it bizarre to report on what is being said out there? That's what the media does. I think that much of what you have said is bizarre, but hey, that is what free speech is all about. And Sarah, contrary to your own bizarre beliefs, the 1st Amendment is not there to protect you from the media, the 1st Amendment is there to protect the media from government. Period. Sorry.

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