Friday, September 17, 2010

Bachmann's Ignorance is Showing, Again. Infantilism is a Paraphilia. If O'Donnell Supporters Are Just Like Her, They All Lie & Cheat?

Below, are two videos and comments about two ignorant, and idiotic Republican women, Michelle Bachmann and Christine O'Donnell. The first, is of Bachmann speaking at the Values Voters Summit in which she once again displays her breathtaking ignorance. The second, is a clip from Anderson Cooper's CNN show where Christine O'Donnell is discussed. Less about ignorance, O'Donnell's behavior appears to be more about basic bad behavior - perhaps arising out of ignorance - most likely deliberate, especially after 5 years of senatorial campaigning when she should have learned the rules by now.

Included on the CNN clip, is a comment by a supporter of O'Donnell who says, "...she's just like me."

I have heard comments like this over and over again. Pundits and commentators, columnists and reporters have commented on why and how the likes of Sarah Palin and now Christine O'Donnell are able to garner so much support when they are demonstrably liars, ignorant, and not very Christian. The overwhelming answer is, that they resonate with their supporters as being "just like me."

My question then, is are right-wingers, teabags, and others proud to claim common cause with people who see the law as fungible? Who value people as much as they do the little puppy who has outgrown his cuteness (disposable)? When evidence is presented that those most damaged by the policies of the Republican Party are the blue-collar, middle-Americans, the high-school educated, family values voters, why do they refuse to listen? Why do they continue to see people making multi-millions of dollars as "one of them?"

I know the answers, but I wonder why our media refuses to ask those questions, discuss them on the Sunday talks, or remind these women that no, the 1st Amendment is not there to protect them from the media, but rather to protect the media from them and call them out on their refusal to participate in "the public's right to know."

"That kind of thinking to me, is infantilism."
--Michelle Bachmann

Michelle Bachmann is upset that President Obama has spoken about negative rights and the fact that we have them. Speaking at the Values Voters Summit, this particular rant includes her view that negative rights is analogous to infantilism, something she believes the President suffers from. ummm.

Okay. Putting on my counselors hat now. Infantilism is a mental health issue that falls within the paraphilias. So, what is a paraphilia you say? They are the group of mental health disorders that include sexual fantasies and behaviors that are atypical and extreme, and that cause distress or serious problems for the individual with the paraphilia. Because there are so many (some lists include over 400), the DSM-IV-TR provides diagnoses for 8 with very specific criteria, and of course, it's NOS (not otherwise specified) classification.

Paraphilias are a subject of much debate and controversy (homosexuality used to be classified as a paraphilia) and is now, within the professional community, considered to be sexual urges involving non-human objects (not designed for sexual gratification), children or other non-consenting persons, or involving pain and/or humiliation to ones self or others.

So, now that we have demonstrated Representative Bachmann's ignorance of yet another topic she has decided to weigh in on (what is it with these Republican women?), let's address the topic of negative and positive rights.

Negative rights are those that are granted without specific action being needed on the part of anyone (i.e., government in this case). For example, freedom of speech, the right to privacy, civil rights, etc. These are rights that are granted to us by right of citizenship and no action is necessary for us to receive them, only if for some reason, they are taken away.

Positive rights are those that require specific action on the part of someone else. For example, police protection, education, the national defense, and such things as free counsel, social security, and medicare which our society has determined are rights granted to its citizens. That is, things that are given to us, action has to be taken for us to receive them.


Continuing with today's theme of idiotic Republican women, Christine O'Donnell is now being investigated for campaign violations arising out of the senatorial campaign prior to this current one. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has filed a complaint which has evidently had enough validity to result in a formal FEC investigation. This video speaks for itself in itemizing the problems in her campaign practices.

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