Monday, May 31, 2010

Liz Cheney, Again, Shut the F*ck Up & Go Home


Liz Cheney appeared on Fox this past Sunday outraged that Rahm Emanuel brought in Bill Clinton as a "cut-out" (oooh, love that 'spy' talk) to try to convince Joe Sestak not to run against Specter in Pennsylvania. She of course sees this as a major crime, never mind that President Reagan did the same thing with Senator Hayakawa, and as Juan Williams pointed out later, it is a normal part of politics - ambassadorships for example. But to Liz, if the Obama Administration does it, it's bad. if Daddy did it, it's good. So, if President Obama does something that the Bush Administration did not do or that contradicts what they did, then nothing for it but for Liz to make the rounds being outraged, which is really all she knows how to do. Seriously. Why does she get the air?

Juan Williams who is usually a total Fox apologist actually scored a few points with me by taking on not just Liz but Bill Kristol.

@Fred Thompson tweeted "Re: Clinton & Sestak: the point man on this credibility issue is only President in history to have been impeached for perjury." which is such a lovely thing for a Republican to say, considering the sexual peccadilloes of members of that party that we have been exposed to in the past year. Somehow, the most investigated couple in the history of this country, including every action taken prior to their political life, was concluded with the finding that the President lied about a question that we had not right to ask in the first place. Now, how many of those House managers had their own sexual scandals? Not wise to focus attention on sex when attacking, even Clinton.

And Liz, let's talk about perjury. Al Qaeda, Iraq, yellowcake, Niger, Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, torture, enhanced interrogation, rendition, Guantanamo, Jay Bybee, John Yoo, Scooter Libby, I can't recall, defying Congress because I'm VP and therefore the 4th co-equal branch of government, sending you out to shill for him. Your Daddy is a piece of work and if you look up perjury in the dictionary, his picture is there. Right next to his boss. If anyone needs to have a special prosecutor appointed, it's your Dad.

So, how about you pack it in and go away and when your Dad and his boss are ready to talk about things, under oath, to Democrats, then maybe you can criticize President Obama. Until then, you need to go home and practice your presentation and learn how to participate in discussions with other people (it's considered appropriate to wait until someone has finished their comment before talking) and how to research your 'facts' before spouting off on the national tv machine. It's been real nice not having you around for awhile and I think I speak for many others when I say that it would be nice not having you around for awhile more.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing as I watched a repeat of that late last night. Picturing Bush & Cheney, side by side, during the 9/11 commission hearings at which they REFUSED to testify under oath (afraid that they would be found guilty of perjury later so I take nothing that they say as truth) or to testify separately.

    To hear this woman going on about ethics and legalities after the crap her father pulled makes me wonder how she has the nerve to do it, then I remember who her father was! The only way I've described Cheney is evil and without a soul and it looks as if she's following in Dad's footsteps. She's not the right person to be lecturing any party on ethics unless she wants to re-awaken their interest in her father's antics from 2000 to 2008. That could take us down some very interesting roads.

  2. It is past time for Dick Cheney to go (away, permanently): I mean his heart is weak (in more ways than one) and it just has to fail at some point. Don't you think? My point is that I too want Liz Cheney to shut up, but I think she is a mouthpiece for her daddykins. And I think when he is out of the way (for good) she will no longer have any clout. I just don't see anyone bothering with what she thinks/says/does after daddy is gone.

  3. I would never wish ill-health on anyone, but I agree that Liz is Daddy's mouthpiece which when you think about it, is really sad that he doesn't have the guts to do it himself (note that when he does go out there and speak, it is in very carefully controlled environments).

    Daisydem - I hope you're right that when he isn't around that no one will listen to her anymore, but those GOPhers don't seem to care what is inside a woman's head, just what the outside looks like.

  4. Liz Cheney is simply a spawned version of Dick in female form. Watch her crooked mouth ... she literally talks out of one side of her mouth exactly like he does.