Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jon Stewart Exposes the Serial Stupidity of Jeffery Beauregard Sessions III, Again

I've remarked a number of times on the serial stupidity of the GOP and of Senator Sessions. It would be an amusing sideshow watching Congressional Republicans as a group, and Mr. Sessions in particular, if it weren't such a serious matter.

Freshman Senator Al Franken has introduced an amendment that would deny government contracts to companies that deny their employees the right to sue. The bill came about as the result of an incident involving a young woman employed in Iraq by KBR. Gang-raped by her fellow employees, she was then locked into a shipping container overnight to ensure that she could not report the crime. Although injured, because the rape occurred outside the United States, it was not subject to United States criminal codes. When she attempted to sue KBR, she was informed that "such incidents" were resolved through arbitration by the terms of her employment contract. Arbitration. How comforting.

Remember Acorn? How a video clip of pretend prostitutes talking to Acorn staff about an imaginary business plan (however illegal) caused an immediate public outcry? And an immediate bill on the floor of the House calling for a stop to all federal funding of Acorn? You might not be aware of it, but several governors, including Louisiana Republican governor Jindal and Minnesota Republican governor Pawlenty issued executive orders that no more state funds could be used by Acorn. Sounded good, except that Acorn has never received state funding in Louisiana or Minnesota.

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How many other such clips are there showing the serial stupidity of the GOP? Will they learn? Of course not. They do not have the self-awareness to recognize the disconnect between their words and their actions. If they do, they are not reflective enough to acknowledge.The mind cannot continue in a state of such cognitive dissonance. When our behavior is dissonant with our beliefs, then we must change our beliefs to return to congruence. The Senator Sessions of the world have convinced themselves that Senator Franken's amendment is a political attack on Halliburton, therefore bad, while their bill about Acorn is a political attack on President Obama, therefore good. It is not goverment's role when it suits them, but it is when it does.

The serial stupidity of the GOP and Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, III.

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