Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Way to Go Bill!

Ok, so I'm probably the only person who still liked Bill Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky fiasco (I was one of the original Let's Move On posters on the NPR forums from which the MoveOn folk departed to form, well, MoveOn dot org). I always believed (and still do) that we don't deserve answers to questions we had no right to ask, and seriously folks, as the most investigated couple on the face of the earth, the only thing Bill Clinton was ever found guilty of was lying about having sex. Seriously.

Anyhoo. So Bill goes to North Korea, and less than a day later, Laura Ling and Euna Lee are FREE!! Way to go! Take that Republicans! They wanted to launch a few nukes, throw a few divisions of soldiers (although where exactly they expected to find them I'll never know) at them, and rattle a few other assorted sabers, somehow thinking that would make Kim Jong Il release the two journalists, but what it really needed, was a little level-headed diplomacy.

I expect that in the next few news cycles we'll see Fox News hosts and other assorted right-wing bloggers complaining about Obama's inability to exercise a strong foreign policy, or stand up to North Korea's so effective missile launches. They'll twist this and manipulate that and somehow make this a victory for Republicans and a misstep for Obama - how I cannot imagine - but they will certainly try. And fail. As usual.

But I say, way to go Bill! And welcome home Laura Ling and Euna Lee!

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