Saturday, June 13, 2009

Be Careful Who You Talk To

Be careful who you talk to, or write to, or call.

Marshall Pappert of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, got frustrated with the business across the street from his house, evidently the makers of ready-mix concrete. Elected by his neighbors as their spokesman, Marshall spent months writing to his elected representatives, agencies, and local burrough office trying to find out who could help with the traffic (dump trucks starting at 3am), dust, and noise.

The County Health Department finally got tired of all the letters he wrote, calling him a pest, so sent an inspector - who cited the company twice for air pollution infractions.

The Bridgeville Police Chief said his "activity" increased, and increased, and increased. Evidently most of his complaints were directed at his local burrough.

The "breaking point" though, came when Mr. Pappert left three (3) voice mails for the Burrough Manager asking her to take action or resign. She did. Take action that is. She had him arrested for harassment.

What was remarkable, was that the judge found him guilty of harassment, saying in his ruling that Marshall should have known that the burrough manager did not have the authority to act on his complaints. Never mind the fact that no one ever told him that. Never mind that the web site for the burrough states:

"...the borough manager "take[s] care of the day-to-day operations, implement[s] policy decisions and coordinate[s] activities of other Borough departments."

Amazing. Although, why should I be surprised. We allow our rights to be taken away for our security, to keep our soldiers safe, because the President says it's necessary, and then are surprised when local or state officials do something like this.

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