Friday, April 24, 2009

The Serial Stupidity of Congressional Republicans

Wow. These Congresspeople are really on a roll. It’s hard to keep up with their serial idiocy. My mama always told me not to call people names, and to never, ever, call people an idiot. But really. What can I do? Yesterday, they tried to get Hillary to answer a non-question with a yes or a no. Don’t these people have a Freshman Congressperson 101 class? Basic Committee Skills? Simple Interview Skills? Don’t they understand the difference between an open and a closed question? You can’t ask an open ended question and then demand a yes or no answer. Well, yes you can. But you only succeed in making yourself look really stupid.

Rep. Joe Barton (R) Texas at a meeting of the House Energy and Commerce Committee yesterday, asked Dr. Steven Chu, Energy Secretary, where Alaska got its oil and gas. The little smirk and phrasing used were a clear signal that this was a set-up of some sort. The ‘expert’ (Mr. Barton) was going to ‘get’ Dr. Chu. And the fact that he posted this video clip with the heading “Where Does Oil Come From? Question Leaves Energy Secretary Puzzled” tells us that he he did. He thinks.

Check this out.

What an idiot. And I don’t mean Dr. Chu, who by the way, has a Nobel Prize, and was clearly not puzzled or confused. What he was, was trying not to fall out of his chair laughing while answering another stupid question from a Congressman trying to play “gotcha” politics and make himself look good and gather campaign clips (which by the way, I hope his opponent has bookmarked for the next campaign!).

See? I can’t help myself. If they’re going to get together and plan ways to make themselves look like idiots in committee, then post the video on YouTube, what can I do? Rep. Joe Barton, another Serial Idiot.

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